【Bouncy Flashcards】


A most unique flashcard app for Android devices.
Google Market link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.sanddream.bouncyflashcards&hl=en


Why Bouncy Flashcards?
Because we wish to make new user experiences for flashcard-type apps. These are what we don't often find in today's existing flashcard apps, so we have decided to make one from scratch. The “meat” of those experiences is:

– Fun: By thinking of our experience in playing computer games, Bouncy Flashcards is designed to bring about a “game feel” to a flashcard app which is perceived to be a learning tool.

– Sharing face-to-face: The intuition in the design of Bouncy Flashcards allows two or more persons to interact on one device, creating a playful learning atmosphere for friends, couples, parents and kids. The unique Bouncy Learning mode turns your Android tablet/phone into a playground containing a constellation of little flashcards that rotate and bounce in a natural way.

– Studying: As you can expect from other flashcard apps, Bouncy Flashcard would keep track of how you memorize each flashcard. As you learn, a mastery value attached to each flashcard would change to reflect how you remember that term/definition. Each time you complete a learning session, the mastery values are changed and the flashcards are re-sorted based on the mastery values so you will always be challenged by the cards that you do not remember quite brightly.

Some other highlights in this app:

– Support for Quizlet. It supports fetching public flashcard sets from Quizlet, including flashcard sets that contain images, or as big as 1000 terms.

– Saving sessions: Save your current position in a large flashcard set, 1000 terms for example, and return to where you stopped last time with only one click on the main screen.

– Three visual styles, bright and dark.

– Demo flashcard sets and in-app help.

If you wish to know more about this app, download it!

Thanks to my friends and neighbors and classmates who made making this app possible!

Update history
Version 1.0, Jun 01 2012


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