【MidiSheetMusic Memo】

【App Name】MidiSheetMusic Memo
【App License】GNU GPL Open Source. Based on MidiSheetMusic from Madhav Vaidyanathan.
【Platform】Android 2.2 (API Level 4) and above
【Download link】https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.midisheetmusicmemo
【Source code】https://github.com/quadpixels/midisheetmusicmemo

This application is built on MidiSheetMusic and is aimed at helping memorizing sheet music.

Feature List:

  • The app revolves keeping track of memorization progress in a quantitative way by breaking a sheet music into tiles (measures in staffs).
  • Two modes: Quiz Mode and Sheet Music Mode.
    Quiz Mode

    Quiz Mode

    Sheet Music Mode

    Sheet Music Mode

    Quiz Mode came out first and Sheet Music Mode was a revamped user interface for MidiSheetMusic with a new matching visual style.

  • Page flip hint (Useful for use as an auto-scrolling sheet music) (Added on 06-17)
    Page flip hint
  • Visualization of Quiz Mode statistics in overview and in detail (at individual tiles).
    Overview of Quiz Mode Statistics

    Overview of Quiz Mode Statistics

    Per-tile Statistics

    Per-tile Statistics

  • Supports screen orientation change.
  • Smooth 60FPS scrolling (on my AT&T HTC One X (Evita)).
  • Multiple color themes that can also work as file list bookmarks.
  • Select which staffs to play (same as MidiSheetMusic) and appear in Quiz Mode.
  • Zoom in/zoom out in Quiz Mode and Sheet Music Mode
  • Split 1 staff to 2 staffs, or combine >2 staffs to 2 staffs (same as MidiSheetMusic)
  • MIDI playback with adjustable speed, instrument with the current notes being highlighted (same as MidiSheetMusic)
  • Click a measure and play from that measure